TG Motocross 3

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TG Motocross 3

TG Motocross 3

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Up Arrow Key - Throttle. Down Arrow Key - Brake. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Lean. Z, X, C, V, B - Tricks.

TG Motocross 3 is a very difficult stunt motorcycle race, traveling in the rugged mountain road, steep slopes are unavoidable, brother! To see your...

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ith the invention of the bike comes the invention of a game to compliment. BMX Bike Games are interesting and a lot fun to engage in. The designers thought of the BMX bike lovers and found a way to keep them glued on the BMX brand by creating the game. The BMX bike games involve pulling stunts that are insanely interesting. Some of the common BMX bike games are:

Cyclo Maniacs Walkthrough- involves different bike riders and levels as you overcome the given challenges. The higher the level you go the more advanced biker you are exposed to.
Stunt Master Walkthrough- as the word suggests there are lots of stunts, action, challenges as well as destruction. The gameplay involves the biker which is the stunt man filming movie stunts. You begin at the starting line to the finishing point where you get to find the cameras that filming the biker.
Nitro Ninjas Walkthrough- the goal of this game is quite easy. As from the starting point what you have to make sure there is less or no crashing taking place and at the same time keeping time. While on the road, you will cross many obstacles which you have to successfully pass through to get to the finishing line.
Stickman Freeride Walkthrough- Like any other you have to make your through the finishing sport with a given time. While there is a check point, incase of crushing. You have to make sure you work with the time given for provision of high scores.
Neon Rider Walkthrough- Quite different compared to the other BMX games. It entails changing the color of your bike to match it with the track. The goal of the game is to reach the finishing point without losing your health that aided in the color changing.

There are many more BMX Bike Games that will keep you on toes. It's just a matter of choosing one that best matches your interest.