Sim Taxi New York

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Sim Taxi New York

Sim Taxi New York

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Game controls:Use the arrow keys to move your taxi. Press R to change the radio station and H to sound the horn. Press the space bar to refuel, when you're at the fuel station.


Exciting Online Taxi Driving Games

Taxi Driving Games online are many. They are enjoyable and give you a feeling of achievement. The information is as follows. The name is NY Taxi and the job description is taxi drivers earning their license. So you've got to follow instructors, drive around safely to get to your goal, that of obtaining your ticket.
Ace Gangster 
Another taxi driving game is called Ace Gangster. It is set in Metroville City. The task assigned to you is helping your friend collect cash after driving a taxi. 
Taxi Driver 2
In Taxi Driving Games, Taxi Driver 2 is a sequel of crazy cab driver. But this second part contains much better graphics and smooth cruising. Check it out for yourself. There is another named Driver Challenge…part 2. You are to drive the car with the use of direction keys. Make sure to monitor your car’s condition to see that it is up and running smoothly. Keep it in top shape. Take the passenger to his destination as quickly as possible so that you can earn much more cash. Buy good cars using money earned.
In taxi driving games, Sim Taxi is a good game. You are supposed to drive the car around as per the passengers wish. Taking them from place to place is your job. This fetches you much cash. For control use the arrow keys for interacting with the game.
Gone Wild…part 2
In taxi driving games, Gone Wild…part 2 sees you as a crazy taxi driver who is racing against time. Swerve left and right to avoid colliding with other vehicles...or jump over them! The game controls are right and left keys you use for steering.  The down and up keys control your speed. For jumping sequences use the spacebar.