Sim Taxi Bubble City

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Sim Taxi Bubble City

Sim Taxi Bubble City

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Game controls:Use arrow keys to drive. R to switch radio channel. H to use horn.


Crazy Taxi Game

Would you like to experience some fun driving with a crazy taxi game through traffic bundled lanes, jumping off car parking garages, and fleeing of your way for crazy currency on like wildfire? Then it’s time for you to experience the crazy taxi game by Sega where the player represents as a taxi driver. The key aphorism of the taxi driver is to transport passengers to their endpoint in the quickest imaginable time where he can make trips by acting out varied stunts before time drains.

Structures In The Game
Dissimilar modes for driving which lay down the layout of the city can be altered allowing to the player’s choice. The background music composition sounds original gives a unique feel for the driver to plow the path with strategies and reach the goal. In crazy taxi game the player is accessible to use special stunts like drifts, jumps, near misses and a numerous mixture of oil and deliver the passenger in advance for bonus money. Other than picking up customers and transporting them to their specified places there is much more to enjoy and learn from the crazy taxi game.

By playing this game, you will be thoroughly entertained and that is guaranteed. To play these online games, you need a fast internet connection to a computer. Generally these games come with high resolution requirement. Make sure that your screen is set to high resolution. If you can’t play this game because of some reason on your screen, make sure that you have installed the list of software required to play the game.

Versions Of The Game
After the success and enjoyment from crazy taxi game ( arcade ) Hit maker did not want to enclose his fans within a limit so his development went beyond to crazy taxi ( console ), crazy taxi 2,  crazy taxi 3 ( high roller ), catch a ride, fare wars which had added game play features for an exciting car drive. Crazy taxi game boomed another platform which hit the iOS where it was being brought out on iPhone, iPad, iTouch. The game can also be engaged for a tilt and touch screen steering choices.
One really goes crazy with speed joined pinch of funniness, an attractive sound track, the electrifying and focussed way to victory will make you sit back for hours and complete your task for carrying out your race in crazy taxi game.