Monster Jam - Destruction

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Monster Jam - Destruction

Monster Jam - Destruction

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Game controls:Left and right arrow keys to move left and right Space to jump


Monster Truck Games

Monster Truck Games

Monsters are an integral part of all great myths. In the absence of a monster, whom will the hero conquer? However it is not those monsters that we are talking about here. This is about driving huge trucks, on the computer of course. Monster truck games come with a built in challenge of size. The skill of the driver must be used to effectively handle monster sized trucks and drive them with minimum damage.

As tough a task as this seems, the games are equally supported by matching quality and realism. The forte among these two would have to be realism, what with the design of the trucks looking exactly like a real life monster truck. The monster truck games score big in this area.

Marauding the Monster
It is interesting to note that in the monster truck games one must not just be able to drive the trucks without hurting people and property, instead one must master the trucks. The highest number of points are awarded to the one who commits minimum number of mistakes. This in turn truly demands a proficient performance from the respective gamer or user.

Monster truck games also endorse speed. The time between seeing a hindrance and avoiding is a matter of seconds and one needs to focus completely on the screen if one wants to compete.

A Brief Respite
Monster truck games offer the users a brief respite in every round. This respite, also known as a break run, features ten seconds of spotless ground for the trucks to cover. This is the time the player must use to build maximum points and life strength to meet the difficulties that lie ahead. The lesser said about the dreaded difficulties, the better.

Another strong point of the monster truck games is the view orientation. With as many as 15 views and player modes, the monster truck gamesstand way above other games and video sports. This has contributed well to the popularity of these games.

Available off line too
Unlike many free games, the monster truck gamescan be fully installed and downloaded without the hassle of trial versions. On this note, one must take cognizance of the fact that trial versions have gone on to cause some headaches to enthusiastic gamers, in the name of commercialization. However withthe monster truck gamesit is time for unlimited off linefun.