Kick Buttowskis MotoRush

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Kick Buttowskis MotoRush

Kick Buttowskis MotoRush

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Category: monster truck, bike, truck,
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Game controls: Up arrow key - accelerate. Down arrow key - brake. Left arrow key - lean back. Right arrow key - lean forward. Z- boost, Space - jump/stunt.


Understanding truck games for kids

Kids love games very much and thankfully for them, there are so many game categories to select from ranging from electronic games to outdoor games and many other. When we are talking about electronic games, you also need to understand that there are also various categories one of them being truck games for kids. These games entail kids driving trucks on varying types of surfaces. There are also various types of truck games that kids can also pick from.  One of the exciting truck games that kids can play is Dune baggy where trucks are driven in terrains that are uneven and drivers are required to tackle various obstacles. Variety game controls are used and other combination of keys and the instructions are simple to follow.

Another type of truck games for kids is truck mania where the trucks used are depicted to be carrying cargoes on them. The player is required to drive his truck while taking care not to damage the cargo. Just like most of the other games, this one also comes in different levels with every level being a little more complicated and difficult than previous level. Once you have completed a given level successfully, you earn stars.

Another race game among truck games for kids is the monster truck. Players in this category select the kind of truck and color they wish to play with. Customization of the trucks is done using various key sets and also has varying difficulty levels. If you pull some incredible stunts, you obtain some points. This might be as a result of destroying obstacles on the way and crashing over other cars. There are others that are driven over the ice while taking caution not to crash it. In short, when it comes to kids truck games are just so many and your options for experiencing extreme fun are not limited.