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Press UP to throttle up , use LEFT to lean left, RIGHT to lean right, hit 1-5 to perform a stunt, press SPACE to pause the game.


Bike Racing Games

Racing games comes in different varieties and this can be divided in many ways such as water racing, Bike, Carts, and sports.This game can attract people of different ages but for kids they enjoy most without having an idea that they will be hurt.To both adult and children you don't have to be a real cyclist so as to enjoy this game since thereare so many of this game online. The fact is; bike racing game is the most popular game. It is the thrill of racing and attraction of challenging other players that makes Bike Racing Gamesso interesting.
Some of the popularbikes racing games are:

Cyclomaniacs: -it only entails upgrading your skills and zooming through several terrains. It's very easy if only you are careful when moving the stunts and you will score highly.

Uphill rush3: -This is one of the most exciting games in uphill series all you need is a lot of practice before you start racing, you will also require maps, and a ghost bike to enable you get directions.In this game, you must be able to race mostly on building rooftops.

Bmrex: - The easiest game ever all you require is T-x riding bike and pulling off the stunts. It also a game full of surprise since in Level 3 if you cant manage a life in pterodactyl you loose a life.

Nitro Ninjas: -In this game you have to play like a Ninja and it is exciting to people who like Ninja themes or Ninja movies. You need to perform stunts and win point it is the most challenging and difficult game since it entail a lot of keenness.

When it comes to Bike Racing Gamesindeed there arelots of them, it only depends on the player's interest and time and you will definitely enjoy!